About Rosemary

Mom of two, wife of one. Trained as astronomer and physicist and love teaching others to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Passionate about natural health, supporting moms in their mothering journey, and the lost domestic arts. Committed to cohousing, local economies, permaculture, and to avoiding permanently screwing up our species and planet.

2 thoughts on “About Rosemary”

  1. Calamity Jane said:

    hey there, i just found you via a link to your post about the italian knife you got your son (i’m about to introduce my 4yo daughter to knives)
    it looks like all your content is old-ish, but right up my alley! do you blog somewhere else now?

    • Not blogging anywhere else, just busy – I use this as an outlet for everything I can’t bear not to blog! I do use twitter more often so you can find me there @sufficiency! Good luck with starting in on knives with your daughter – my son is now 6 going on 7 and he just chopped 25 apples for a large dinner tonight using an apple corer/slicer and a paring knife to cut those slices in half and trim core parts off – they were reinforcing knife skills at his waldorf kindergarten, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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