I haven’t had the time to be creative with blogging since I started teaching high school last fall.  But I recently came across some of my writing from my teens and early 20s back when I did take the time to write, or more accurately, felt the irrepressible, compulsive, life-depends-on-it urge to get my thoughts onto paper, or at least onto floppy disk (3.5″ HDs,  I’m not so old as to have ever had a 5.25″ floppy drive, honest)!  In an effort to save these pre-blogging bits of writing from the depths of time and to liven up this present blog, I will post a few offerings in their own posts.

When we move on to whatever format replaces blogging, I hope this will make it easier to port more of my writings with me.  If we end up in a post-electricity and post-internet world, then this will be useless, but until then, enjoy!  First up, a bit of a travelogue.  If that goes over well, I may post the more personal stuff!