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portrait with garlic scapes

self-portrait with garlic scapes

This year is my first attempt growing garlic.  Planted about 10 cloves last November from hardneck garlic heads from my CSA, and they have been coming up strong this spring.  The scapes came in and it looked like time to harvest, based on scapes I’d gotten before from my CSA, but I wasn’t sure quite what to do… so I turned to Google and YouTube for the answers… and was still a little confused.

This recent blog post from Now Norma Knits gave me the best sense of what to do but I couldn’t find a video, so I got my niece to film me!

The results are here!

And here’s what I’m saying…

Alright, I am going to show what I learned about cutting garlic scapes – this is my first time cutting garlic scapes. So this is a hardneck variety of garlic that I got from my CSA last year and it’s now grown up to the point where the scapes have come up, this hard part and this is the flower bud that’s starting to form and you want to cut it before it flowers. Some people say to cut it before it curls around, it’s more tender then, but I like garlic scapes like this just as well. And you’re supposed to cut down by the first, the top set of leaves, and it’s best to cut it in the afternoon so the sap dries quickly so the plant isn’t so susceptible to disease after you cut it.

Other things I’ve learned: The more the scape curls, the more the energy is going into the flower bud and less into the bulb, so harvesting before the scapes get too curly stops this process. I’ve heard sometimes you can get two harvests of scapes from your garlic plants.

Now to figure out what to make with my garlic scapes.  Fortunately, googling for scape recipes yields more prolific results!